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If you are looking for an article which has listed the best kayaks for kids, then you have come to the right place. Read and hopefully you will find the right one for your kid.

Here Are Our Top 10

Looking for the first-rate kayaks for youngsters? Well, we’ve got the exceptional collection for you. Here’s the list of our pinnacle 10:

1. Driftsun Rover 120 : Best Kayak for a Toddler

best kayaks for kids
best kayaks for kids : top 10 picks 2023 12

Weight: 22 lbs.

Length: eight.Five’

Weight restrict: three hundred lbs.

It is stated that all infants cannot kayak, and a certified grownup ought to always accompany them. That being stated, in case you want to get your kid used to kayaking, you should first strive rowing with them just like a lap infant.

The Driftsun Rover 120 / 220 Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak is my choice of the quality kayak for a parent and infant, and it’s extremely good for kids of age five to 13 because this kayak has many functions that make it suitable for a tandem row with a younger paddler.

This is a kayak that doesn’t soak up a ton of space to your automobile or storage and comes with a drop-stitch floor, that’s as sturdy as a hard-sided kayak.

This is an inflatable kayak (study: doesn’t absorb a ton of space in your vehicle or storage) with a drop-stitch floor, that’s as sturdy as a tough-sided kayak. Also, the Driftsun Rover kayak is likewise relatively extensive (36 inches), making it very strong. In addition, the edges of the kayak are excessive sufficient to deter slipping over however nevertheless less complicated to bail out of than a sit down-internal kayak.


  • Inflatable kayaks (which take up much less space)
  • Lightweight
  • Wide and stable
  • enough for the burden of an person and toddler.
  • Suitable for Class III and IV kayaking


  • A bit highly-priced

2. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

The great kayak for 5-yr-olds

lifetime youth wave kayak

Weight: 18 lbs.

Length: 6 ft.

Weight restriction: 130 lbs.

With a score of four.Nine out of 5, the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is a rather regarded kayak that is suitable for children as young as five. The maximum weight for this solo kayak, which weighs handiest 18 pounds and measures 6 toes, is a hundred thirty pounds.

The Lifetime Youth Kayak’s swim-up deck, a diminished platform that makes it less complicated for kids to get returned into the kayak in the event that they tip over, is one in all its standout capabilities. The kayak also has a opposite chine on the bottom of the boat to assist direct spray away, as well as molded finger holds on either aspect for easier greedy.

The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak’s (24-inch) slim layout additionally makes it easy for youngsters to move and allows save you them from rapping their knuckles in opposition to the edges. The kayak also includes a paddle, making it a realistic desire for mother and father who want to introduce their kids to kayaking.

It need to be mentioned that the kayak does no longer consist of a seat, so if essential, you’ll need to buy one one after the other.

Overall, mother and father who want to introduce their young children to kayaking have to don’t forget the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak. It is a pinnacle preference for families who need to enjoy the water together due to its lightweight construction, safety capabilities, and convenience.


  • Ideal for the youngest paddlers
  • Lightweight
  • Wide and stable
  • A paddle is protected.


  • It does not come with a seat.

3. Emotion Sparky Kayak Kids’

Emotion sparky kayak for kids

Kayak for a Ten-Year-Old

Our score: four.9/5

Solo or tandem:

Weight: 22 lbs.

Length: 6 ft.

Weight restriction: a hundred and forty lbs.

For kids elderly 10 and below, the Emotion Sparky Kayak is a excellent option. This solo kayak has a 4.Nine out of five score, weighs 22 pounds, is 6 feet lengthy, and has a one hundred forty-pound weight restrict.

Smaller paddlers can without problems use the Emotion Sparky due to its slender width (24 inches), which prevents them from banging their knuckles against the perimeters. Additionally, in comparison to person kayaks, this kayak is shorter in period, making it simpler for children to maneuver beneath their personal electricity.

Younger paddlers will appreciate its light-weight layout and clean-to-hold close molded finger handles on the perimeters. It’s essential to preserve in mind that this kayak lacks a skeg, that can have an impact on tracking. However, maximum youngsters might not have a hassle with this due to the fact they’ve masses of power to hold the boat shifting in the proper course.


  • Paddlers underneath the age of ten are welcome.
  • Lightweight
  • Molder finger handles
  • Narrow width


  • No skeg (however this doesn’t bother maximum youngsters besides).
  • won’t be appropriate for heavier, taller kids.

Best sit-on-top kayak

Airhead Montana four

Aairhead montana 4

The Best Kayak for Teenagers

Weight: 27 lbs.

Length: 9 toes.

Weight restrict: three hundred lbs.

Both children and adults will love the Airhead Montana Kayak. It is a handy alternative for families and lone adventurers because it is a portable and inflatable kayak this is light-weight and easy to transport. This kayak can support as much as three hundred kilos, making it appropriate for humans of all sizes and a long time.

The Airhead Montana’s sturdiness, that’s one among its key characteristics, is ensured by way of using 840-denier nylon in its construction. This substance gives the kayak a excessive degree of durability, ensuring that it is able to face up to difficult occasions and common use. The kayak’s 9-foot period makes it suitable for each adults and younger teens, making it a flexible choice for companies of buddies and families.

The Airhead Montana gives a stable and comfortable paddling enjoy in terms of overall performance. The inflatable production makes for a cushty experience and allows to hose down any vibrations or bumps which can take place at the water. Additionally, even for younger or green paddlers, the kayak’s small length makes it simple to move. Despite some reports of producing issues with the seams surrounding the inflation valves, these troubles are generally without problems constant with the assistance of the producer’s customer service crew. Even although there had been reviews of problems with the seams around the valves, these issues are generally clean to fix with the assist of the manufacturer’s customer support team.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect period for younger young adults as much as adults
  • durable 840-denier fabric


  • Maybe there are a few production issues with the seams.

5. Perception Hi-Five Youth Kayak:

perception hi five youth kayak

The pleasant sit down-on-top kayak for kids

Our score: 4.9/5

Solo or tandem:

Weight: 21 lbs.

Length: 6’

Weight restrict: one hundred twenty lbs.

The Perception The Hi-Five Youth Kayak is a remarkable option for families looking for a secure and fun kayaking enjoy because it’s far made in particular for young paddlers. Kids can without difficulty manage and maneuver the kayak on their own thanks to its light-weight design—it weighs only 21 pounds. The 6-foot period is plausible for youngsters while nonetheless supplying sufficient space for garage and a calming paddling revel in.

The Perception Hi-Five Youth Kayak has a swim-up step that not handiest adds stability however additionally shall we kids keep their gear while paddling, in addition to its vibrant and enjoyable colours. For added consolation and protection even as out on the water, the kayak may be upgraded with a padded seat, a tether system, and a paddle holder.

The Perception The Hi-Five Youth Kayak has a weight restriction of a hundred and twenty lbs., so it may not be suitable for older or taller children. You ought to recall the charges associated with the paddles, seat, tether device, and paddle holder whilst making your choice.

Perception Hi-Five Youth Kayak is a well-made and lengthy-lasting kayak that gives youngsters the stability, consolation, and entertainment they require to enjoy their time at the water. 


  • Swim-up step
  • Fun shades
  • Paddles protected
  • long lasting 840-denier cloth


  • Pads, paddle holders, and a tether system are sold separately.
  • Most youngsters over the age of 15 ought to avoid it.

6. Water Bear Youth Kayak

Water Bear Youth kayak

Best Premium Youth Kayak

Our rating: five/5

Solo or tandem: Solo

Weight: 30 lbs.

Length: 6’6’’

Weight restriction: a hundred thirty lb.

Kids searching for a whole kayaking enjoy need to recollect the Water Bear Youth Kayak. This kayak has a thoughtful layout and a variety of capabilities that make it a top desire for children.

The swim-up deck, which has handholds for higher purchase, is one in all this kayak’s specific functions. Along with front and facet bring handles, the deck additionally features a front garage vicinity with bungee netting to keep items secure. 

Kids who might want a bit more stability whilst kayaking will appreciate the comfort and aid the non-slip seat pad offers. A a laugh addition that gives kayaking some pleasure and is sure to appeal to youngsters is the treasure tray inside the center of the kayak.

It’s important to recollect that the paddle is offered separately, which is probably a con for a few humans. Despite this, youngsters who want a top-notch kayaking experience need to take into account the Water Bear Youth Kayak.


  • Feature-wealthy layout
  • Swim-up deck with handholds
  • Paddle holder built-in
  • Treasure tray


  • Paddle sold one after the other
  • Expensive

7. Goplus 6′ Youth Kayak

Goplus 6' Youth Kayak

Best Youth Fishing Kayak

Our score:4.6/five

Solo or tandem:

Weight: 22 lbs.

Length: 6’

Weight restrict: 120 lbs.

For younger anglers, the GoPlus 6′ Youth Kayak is a outstanding choice. It is a tandem kayak this is best 22 lbs. In weight and six feet long, making it easy for kids to move and handle. A padded backrest provides consolation for extended fishing trips, and the protection orange coloration makes it easy for kids to be visible on the water.

A fishing rod holder is likewise protected with this kayak, and it’s miles positioned within the middle of the craft. For children who want to discover ways to fish from a kayak, this layout is still a incredible choice, although it may force them to apply their legs to control the line.

The GoPlus 6′ Youth Kayak has a equipment storage area with bungee lacing on the the front of the boat similarly to the fishing rod holder. This region is perfect for storing snacks and different small objects during a fishing trip. Another useful garage choice is a bottle holder that is sculpted into the bottom of the boat.

Overall, even though the seat cushioning and fishing rod holder have some drawbacks, the GoPlus 6ft Youth Kayak is still a brilliant desire for children who need to begin kayak fishing.


  • Padded backrest
  • Paddle protected
  • It is available in protection orange.
  • Gear garage with bungee lacing


  • No padded seat rest
  • The fishing rod holder isn’t always the only.

8. Perception Prodigy XS

Perception prodigy xs

Best Kids Ocean Kayak

Our rating:four.8/5

Solo or tandem:

Weight: 26 lbs.

Length: 10’

Weight limit: one hundred fifty lbs.

Naturally, for children who are inquisitive about exploring the ocean and feature some previous kayaking experience, this kayak seems like a terrific option.

Its long and slender form makes it useful for travelling, and its movable footrests and backrest make it viable for the chair to grow with the child. The toddler is saved dry through the sit-in layout as nicely, but it has the disadvantage of no longer having a sprig skirt choice 

Overall, it appears that this kayak is a good alternative for dad and mom seeking to put money into a amazing kayak that their baby can use for decades.


  • long, narrow, and efficient layout
  • Adjustable backrests and footrests
  • The sit-in design allows hold you dry.
  • Lightweight


  • No spray skirt is available.

9. Sea Eagle SE330

Sea Eagle SE330

The Best Kayak for Bigger Teens

Our rating:four.Eight/5

Solo or tandem:

Weight: 26.Forty six

Length: 11’2’’

Weight restrict: 500 lbs.

I accept as true with young adults and older children will love the Sea Eagle SE330, an amazing inflatable kayak. With a 500-pound weight restriction, it has plenty of room for growth and helps both solo and tandem paddling. With a Class III rating and a quick and simple setup, this kayak is ideal for whitewater paddling. It may be inflated in just six mins.

The Sea Eagle SE330’s high weight potential, which makes it one of the fine kayaks for older youngsters, is one among its major benefits. Teenagers can use it as a secure and secure platform to learn how to kayak and discover the water. Families who are continuously on the pass may even discover it to be a convenient alternative due to the quick setup time.

The Sea Eagle SE330 is a first-rate choice for intrepid young adults because it plays well enough for Class III whitewater kayaking. This kayak is suitable for absolutely everyone who desires to paddle leisurely, discover calm lakes, or navigate rapids.

The loss of attachment points is one of the Sea Eagle SE330’s few shortcomings, but that is a minor flaw that is easily not noted. Its one huge drawback is that, at the same time as it nevertheless fits right into a duffel bag for more handy transportation, it might be easier to carry if it have been packaged in a backpack.

Overall, the Sea Eagle SE330 kayak is wonderful and offers first rate cost for the money. It is a great choice for older kids who want to discover the water with warranty and simplicity because of its excessive weight capacity, short setup time, and potential to address whitewater.


  • One of the high-quality kayaks for bigger youngsters
  • Fast setup time
  • Suitable for whitewater kayaking up to Class III
  • 500-pound capability


  • It might be easier to hold if it came packed into a backpack.
  • Not very many attachment points

10. Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Sevylor big basin 3person kayak

Overall, the nice kayak for more than one children

Our score:four.7/five

Solo or tandem: Tandem (three seats)

Weight: 44.31 lbs.

Length: 12’3’’

Weight limit: 490 lbs.

For groups of family individuals who need to kayak collectively, the Sevylor Big Basin three-Person Kayak is a flexible and beneficial alternative. It is the excellent choice for households who need to introduce their kids to kayaking because it comes with 3 seats and might suit two parents and a younger child.

This inflatable kayak has a tarp on the bottom to prevent punctures and is fabricated from long lasting PVC material. Additionally, it has earned NMMA certification, demonstrating that it satisfies the highest necessities for fine and protection.

The Sevylor Big Basin’s capability to seat three people, making it one of the few kayaks available that could accommodate a larger family, is certainly one of its essential advantages. This is in particular helpful for mother and father who want to kayak with their kids and enjoy excellent time together.

This kayak also has adjustable seats, that could reduce sibling conflict and offer a comfortable and personalized revel in for every paddler. Families with young children, who may have distinct needs and choices, should pay special interest to this.

The Sevylor Big Basin’s weight, that is on the heavier facet, is the simplest sizable disadvantage. For households who might be driving it and storing it in a garage or shed, however, this is a minor subject.

Overall, for families seeking to kayak collectively, the Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak is a super choice. It gives a stable and enjoyable trip for everyone on board thanks to its tough creation, NMMA certification, adjustable seats, and capability for 3 people.


  • Seats three
  • NMMA-certified
  • Durable production materials
  • Adjustable seats


  • Kayak weight is on the higher side.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Kayak for Kids

kayak for kids

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kids’ Kayak

Weight Limitation

When choosing a kayak in your baby, it is crucial to pay attention to weight restrictions. To ensure protection and stability, the full weight of your baby and their gear shouldn’t exceed the kayak’s maximum weight potential of 120 lbs.

Size and Portability

The size and portability of a youngsters’ kayak also are critical elements to take into account. Traditional difficult-sided kayaks may be bulky, requiring a roof rack for transportation and garage area at domestic. Inflatable kayaks, alternatively, offer extra flexibility in phrases of size and weight, making them a greater convenient option for families on the pass. When selecting a kayak to your baby, make sure it is an excellent match for them and they’re capable of carry it effortlessly.


When it comes to balance, wider kayaks tend to be more solid and much less possibly to tip than narrower boats. However, most children’s kayaks are narrower than person kayaks due to their size.

Towing System

If your baby receives tired at some point of a kayaking trip, it could be beneficial to have a tow device in vicinity. Some youngsters’ kayaks come ready with a leash that may be connected to an grownup-sized kayak for smooth towing.

Swim Up Deck

For kids who enjoy swimming as a lot as kayaking, look for a kayak with a low swim-up deck. Having hand grips at the deck also can make it less difficult on your child to get returned inside the kayak after a swim.

Tracking Ability

Tracking refers to a kayak’s capacity to preserve a instantly path. While it may no longer be a pinnacle priority for children, it’s still crucial in case you’re kayaking as a circle of relatives and have a specific destination in thoughts.

NMMA Certification

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) offers a safety certification for kayak producers who meet their criteria. It’s constantly an excellent concept to search for this certification whilst choosing a children’ kayak for brought peace of thoughts.

With these key factors in thoughts, you have to be nicely on your way to finding the nice kayak for your toddler, who’s among the ages of five and thirteen. Whether you are searching out stability, portability, or a fun and safe kayaking revel in, there may be sure to be kids’ kayak that fits your desires.

If you don’t know how to choose the best kayak? Check our article

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